Give your customers a better way to pay

Give your customers a better way to pay

Increase sales by giving your customers the freedom to split their purchases into several payments.


Increase in average order value


Increase in conversions

The world's top brands are using Shop Now Pay Later

Why to add Infini?

Infini empowers your customers to Buy Now Pay Later with several installments, all at zero risks to you.

Larger purchases
Larger purchases

Merchants can get up to 50-70% increase in avg. order value after offering Buy Now Pay Later to their customers.

Higher conversions
Higher conversions

54% of shoppers abandon their cart because it is too expensive. Say goodbye to abandoned carts!

Reduce refunds
New customers

26% of millennials have used Buy Now Pay Later option to finance their most recent online purchases. Answer the market demand!

Zero risk
Zero risk

Infini takes all the credit risk on us. You get paid in full immediately by one of Infini's partners.

Reduce refunds
Reduce refunds

Buy Now Pay Later users have ~30% lower refund rate. Empower your consumers to buy what they want now!

Free of charge integration
Free of charge integration

Our engineers can integrate Infini into verified store within one day free of charge. No catch.

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Our engineers can integrate Infini to your store within one day free of charge. Alternatively, request our simple API and plugins with most major e-commerce platforms.

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We have answers to all your questions

How does Infini work?
Infini works like any other payment method on an eCommerce store, with only one difference - you do not need to make any payment upfront. On the payment selection step, you will be offered to pay in installments to delay the payment for as long as 12 months.
How fast am I getting money on my account as a merchant? How settlement is going to happen?
Payments are done directly to merchants account by our financing partners. In practice payment is made within 30 minutes after signing. Each months reconciliation of accounts is made.
What happens if a customer wants to return an item?
Infini is a payment instrument, all returns are handled in the same way it is done now and regulated by the law. To make return the client asks the merchant directly, stating the reasons for return (if necessary). If both merchant and client agree that client returns the goods and merchant pays back the purchase amount, then merchant transfers loan amount to the Infini (directly to respective lender?) and loan agreement is cancelled for a client.
What are the payment terms for my client? Is it interest free as in Klarna?
When client check out at your shop, Infini platform provides the client with opportunity to get fast/instant financing offers from several lenders and choose the best one that suits client’s need. Provided that Infini cooperates with several lenders, we can guarantee that the client gets the lowest APR and other term that are possible. 

For a client Infini is alternative to a credit card, but cheaper and immediately/always available.
Under certain conditions terms are interest free. This depends on loan amount and loan maturity. For example interest free/split payment for the client is possible for period up to 3 months.

Are there any limits to order amount? e.g. can they purchase 5 EUR item or 10,000 EUR item?
Currently minimum amount is 70 EUR, maximum 25000 EUR. We plan to lower minimum amount in nearby future, so that even small payments can be done instantly.
What are the recurring costs for me?
Same as credit card: 0.30 EUR + 2% from purchase amount.
Who are your financial institution partners? is cooperating with leading hire purchase and consumer lenders in Latvia.